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Community Programs

Community Programs

Community Programs

The Yeshiva serves as a community distribution center, which supplies provisions to families living in bomb shelters.  It also provides assistance to the outlying community with a variety of social services, which include feeding needy families, offering educational services, and caring for the infirm, elderly and those with special needs.



Students at the Hesder Yeshiva volunteer with the organization “Kav LaChaim,” personally visiting the sick on a regular basis.



Students at the Hesder Yeshiva work with children of kindergarten age who are physically and mentally challenged.



Students at the Yeshiva volunteer at  “Enosh,” the Israel Mental Health Association for adults.



Students regularly donate blood.  Kiryat Shemona has one of the highest records for blood donations in the Galilee area.


Community Activities in Kiryat Shemona and the Galilee


Torah and Judaism for All Ages


Center for Jewish Education


Talmud Torah for Children in Kiryat Shemona

13-years old boys from KS and a number of secular kibbutzim, learn their Torah reading at the Yeshiva tutored by a Hesder student. Over 60% of them celebrate their Bar Mitzvah at the Yeshiva’s Bet Midrash.


“Achva” Fund for the Disadvantaged


Tzedakah Fund and Food Packages for the needy of Kiryat Shemona

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Located on Israel's northern border, Yeshivat Kiryat Shemona enables student soldiers serving in elite military combat units to continue their Talmudic studies, and it provides both physical and emotional support to a city of 30,000 inhabitants.